All-In-One Platform

Our fully-integrated solution allows you to monitor and control your home or business through a single, mobile-friendly interface.

Lighting & Shades

Save energy and keep your property secure with smart lights. Create rules and schedules that make it appear as if you’re at home even when you’re away.

Smart Thermostats

Create custom rules, schedules, and temperature presets that will not only keep your property at optimal comfort, but save you money.

Bright Ideas
Adjust any or all of your lights with your app or a voice command. Have lights turn on or off when you arrive home, arm your security system, or go to bed. Automate your lights to deter intruders, respond to activity and make it look like you’re home when you’re out.
Ready for lights-out?
Just say the word to activate your preset or customized Sleep Scene. Your security system will arm itself, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, lower the shades and turn your lights down—all to your exact specifications.
Let SmartWired light the way
Dark evenings don’t have to mean coming home to a dark doorstep. SmartWired knows when you're almost home, and switches your lights on to welcome you.
Temperature control in your hands
Use your all-in-one app or a voice command to adjust the temperature from anywhere. Your thermostat responds when you arm your security system, arrive home, or open your business. Set your preferences, then let SmartWired save energy intelligently when you don't need it.
Any room, anytime
Got hot or cold rooms in your house? They're easy to fix with our smart thermostat's remote temperature sensors. Target a specific room, and your house will gently heat or cool until it's comfortable.
Serious about saving?
You'll conserve up to 23% of your winter heating energy and up to 16% of summer cooling energy with's ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat. Savings typically average around 8% of heating and cooling bills or $50. For additional savings, it's compatible with demand response programs nationwide.
Extra protection for you and your home
During a fire or carbon monoxide leak, pauses your thermostat automatically to slow the spread of fumes.

In the winter, alerts you to low temperatures or HVAC malfunctions that could allow water pipes to freeze and burst.

MOLD PROTECTION's temperature sensors monitor for humidity too. Install them in vulnerable areas to get alerted if you're at risk from mold.